“In the world of tiny footsteps, everyday is an adventure.”

To the mom of an infant,

By now you’ve gotten to know your little one. You’ve seen that social smile, maybe even a laugh. Your baby may or may not be sleeping through the night. From infancy to the toddler age, I don’t think there is a time in a baby’s life where they change more than during this time. So get ready!

Babies go through so many developmental milestones during this time period. You are going to hear your friends bragging about when their child sat, walked, talked, etc. It can be so tempting to compare your baby to your friend’s baby or to any other baby really. Maybe you see a post on the internet that shows a baby reaching a milestone and yours just hasn’t made it there yet. When/if this happens, I want you to remember something very important…. When it comes to milestones there is a WIDE variety of normal. You will also find that each baby has strengths and weaknesses. Some will be better at speaking, while others are stronger physically. The beauty inside each of us is found in our differences.

My best advice to you is to monitor if your baby is making progress. If your baby is learning new skills, then they are simply moving at their own pace. If your baby is not making progress or seems to be doing things that are not what other babies appear to be doing, take videos, take photos, document what you’re seeing/hearing and make an appointment with your pediatrician. It may be nothing but it’s always best to check!

As for the rest of it, this is the stage of discovery, trial and error and your once tiny little newborn will soon grow into a rambunctious little toddler before you even realize it.

Please take time to do something for yourself every day, no matter how small. Sometimes even stopping to listen to your favorite song, going for a walk, meditating, stretching, running, etc… can really make a difference.

Oh! and take lots of photos! You’ll want to look back at this time one day.


Dr. Vainder

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